About Transit Community Support CIC

We support the Communities in Hounslow, Richmond and Ealing Boroughs  through offering free or low cost skills-based  courses and services  especially in Social care , Maths , English and Digital skills to improve their lives.  These practical  courses , services and activities are designed to improve the quality of life of the community members as they go about with their day to day tasks or work. These courses and services are offered in partnership with other entities and local authorities.

Our  training centre is strategically located a few meters off Whitton High Street and 2 minutes from Witton station equipped with computers and care equipment to enable hands on learning.


The History of  Transit Community Support CIC

 Transit Community Support was born after witnessing and understanding community challengers arising out of  Skills gaps especially in Health & Social Care.  As the world evolves, there is high demand for skills in all fields right from basic life skills to work related skills. The COVID19 pandemic and all the resultant  public health restrictions led to a high demand for skills at all levels of society regardless of the demographic arenas. With the above background in mind, Transit Community Support CIC was established to address these challenges using solution – oriented  skills trainings,  Courses and support services.  

Our Mission

To bridge the gap between skills, education,  employment and community resilience by providing quality trainings, courses and support services to the community.

Our Vision

We envision a community where each and every member regardless of the demographic or economic status has equal access to all essential services thereby living good quality life.

Our Objectives

 Our Main objective is to empower individual ,families and communities at large with Practical skills to overcome their day-to-day challenges